Monday, October 16, 2006

sorry i no updaTES IM BATTLING THE FLU

Id say my biggest peeve so far about driving a taxi besides lousy tippers Is people who dont cover there nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing . Its rude and they dont even know it so if you see someone sneeze or cough please urge them to cover themselves .

it was a very wild weekend in vegas filled with rain rain and more rain

i witnessed i hit and run on the strip and got the tag so hopefully metro threw the creep in jail

i had a guy in the cab whos boss gambled his way threw his home morgatage and life savings 400 k plus

another thing that comes up frequently in the cab is boyfriend girlfriend fights TIP TO GUYS DONT BRING YOUR GIRLFRIEND TO VEGAS its going to end bad the strip is a fantasy land for guys it messes with guys head . It makes them think they can do better than what they have and they end uo taking their girlfriend for granted .

i also saw a haggard grey bearded dennis quaid heading into the palms

i had alot of hookers in the cab saturday night

one who is familar to me because she works the palms like i do so she gets in the cab and her destination is the __________ suites HOtel these hotels serve as home base for most girls that work the strip casinos . I ask her how buisness was she said great and agreed that people at palms seem to be generous . I play like i think shes just a stripper and say what percent want to take it further . she laughs and says i get straight to buisness . I then ask if most men take the full 1/2 hr or hour depending on the donation she says most do . She said last guy for example was winning at the tables saw her set a deal up 300 for 1/2 hr and then they went out and rented limo 60 pr hr and drove around and got his freak . i see this pretty often it must be perfered choice for guys whom have a friend or loved one in the room or those just wanting to do the whole rockstar fantasy thing . she then told me about a british guy who she had to walk out on because " he had some marks on his willy" I laughed as i pictured the scenario of him trying to explain away whatever it was to her as she bolted out the door . She wanted to make a quick stop at the liquor store so we did she bought my coke and herself a bottle of cognac and some cheap sunglasses . We got back in the can and headed to the HOtel she told me some other story about an ex pimp and how most of these girls out here working that have pimps are so stupid yadda yadda yadda . We arrived and she asked for my number and i got hers i told her to call if she ever need a pick up at a side door or whatever . and off she went into the night .

I then cruised to a strip club i wont say which one cause i like my knees and i want to continue to walk well this club everytime i pick up guys there they are bragging that they got the strippers number and they are gonna hook up later . I bite my tongue and laugh on the inside . Thats the game they play the lube your ego and make you feel like you have a shot thats what good strippers do . its laughable how gullible these guys can be . agaiin part of the fantasy

i got into with a guy going from monte carlo to the convention center . I mentioned a soft economy and he came back with his sean hannity talking points . I asked him if he could live and support a family on minimum wage . he stuttered and said you have to go to college , i said can you send a kid to college on minimum wage , he muttered and said you have to move where the jobs are < i said sir you have avoided both questions can you move and buy and rent a house on minimum wage , and pay for kids to go to college . he said he had loaned money to kids to pay for college I said see your kids couldnt be in college if not for your money a minimum wage Mcjob couldnt even pay for partial classes at a Jr college . I advised him to stop listening to talk radio and start asking real people real questions . explaining that our public education system is fucked and that the fact that i make more money driving a cab than i could as a teacher proves whats wrong with education . No inncentive for teachers to do a good job and prepare our youth for the future . What a blowhard but he gave me a decent tip.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

oct 678 pt 2

Sorry so long I need my me time. 60 hrs past week in cab was rough

So back to memorable weekend rides well I had my 1st poker pro ------- o donnell he finished 22 in 2006 main event going out with kk vs allen cunnigham aa to take almost 500k he also. Cashed in 5 events and made 1 other final table. He was off to Bellagio for 1230 1500 buy in tourney . I wished him luck and he made it nice on the tip .

Canadain moms are liars I picked up two 50 something canadian ladies from MGM the bellman said premium outlets and that's where I took them . When we got there they said this is wrong place + said this is where doorman told me to go . They said we showed you brocure I said yes when we got to other destination . They said they were meeting their husbands at other place , forgetting they told me earlier husbands were at casino while they were out shopping. They acted like they weren't paying the meter . I said fine ill call transit authority and you'll be given a 200 dollar ticket they stuttered and paid leaving me a 5 cent tip . I threw a dollar back at them saying here's a tip don't be cheap

Picked up a nice man who owns AI sushi in Denver and Boulder he had a bad run at BJ at Bellagio but wished him luck in the poker room

Had a lot of pickups at the stripclubs a few standouts saw jaime kennedy and gene simmons going in seperately

As the sun was rising sat morning picked up a couple from the club immeditely began kissing as soon as they got in that lead to groping which lead to 3rd base the muted groans and heels pressing my back thru the seat. I was thinking homerun was for sure but she kept saying wait till we get to the room much to mine and his dissapointment

to busy to blog there are rides waiting everywhere well check back in wed or thursday when its slower

Monday, October 09, 2006

oct 6 7 8 im tired pt1

driving in the rain to little sleep im so tired from weekend its monday now just saw the departed and jackass 2 . I liked them both thou a bit more let down at the departed but just a bit with departed it was brillant at mosy parts and then would drift a bit , maybe the editing well see on the dvd thumbs up though acting was basically flawless with every chracter in the film . okay enough of movie review this about things i saw and heard while driving a cab.

well this weekend the Palms opened the new nightclub moon atop of the new fantasy tower It even has a retractable glass roof and below The first Playboy club in years . The perfect place the perfect town . Im not even going to attempt the hotness i saw coming and going thru my limo line . I spent the whole night picking up from the palms it went off solid until the sun came up then the stripclubs went off till 9 am then the normal people got up around 10.
a few standouts were a trashed drunken 5some of girls la la tx tx az i think as sone as the 2 in front hit the seat before we could get out of the palms eyes closed done , the others were still lively we were waiting to get thru the sea of limos that were blocking everything i noticed and pointed out Suge Knight . He was tearing into a 110 poundwhiteboy valet.cigar in hand he was barking like a mad dog the girls started screaming There was one girl that was a doppelganger of someone i know it was very weirdshe began to drunkenly scream ice ice baby . She had obviously had seen the same Vh1 special as me but Suge glared over at a cab and honestly the feeling was like coming across a wild animal that could kill you . I sunk low and and got the cab out of dodge. by the time we got to the bridge over 15 on flamingo 1 of the girls in front seat had fallen over on me completly passed out . I guess she forgot she wasnt in high school anymore the dk doppelganger continued wooo ing and screaming out the window they began calling each other names and by the time we crossed lv blvd they were arguing with each other overnothing .something was obviously bubbling under. i bet that one slept with others boyfrienddoppelganger was so pissed she said youre not sleeping in my room but your a whore youll find someone s bed to crawl in.. OUCH ! we rolled into the hard rock the hard rock speedbump made the 2 nd passed out girl in front seat hit the window Wake up your home I said the silent but awake girl stuck in the middle of the fight settled the meter and helped wake the passouts . I circled around and had a pickup at hard rockwaited about 5 minutes and got this guy that was bitting Pete Doherty sense of style . he began rambling about getting fucked over i said where are we going he thought for a bit and said the one with club I said the palms and he said yeah so back to the palms it was he was passed out immediately i speed to the palms via flamingo caught all the lights and made it in good time i pulled in. it was 995 he awoke and said he had no money and asked where he was I replied home he fumbled in his jacket found 3 dollars then another pocket a five another some 20 s and some ones he gave me 12 total considering his condition and fact he was blacked out asking me if he knew me and where had he been and how did he get here i told him he caught a cab from hard rock to the palms . As i drove off laughing he just stood there still not knowing where he was .

Friday, October 06, 2006

thursday oct 5 into fiday am slow rainy

Thursday late night has been pretty slow. With rain like crazy over past 24 hrsd we've had more rain than past 6 mos combined and streets are like ice and most people are terrible drivers in the rain, so I'm laying back and taking it slow . I had a superlong ride to the burbs from some hooker I picked up at the hard rock she had ony made 240 and she had been at palms rio then hard rock before she found her JOHN. She didn't chat much ony to say she just moved from la . ( And she already a whore no drugtest or workcard needed). It was a 3730 ride she gave me 38 . I replied karmas a bitch she said whatever I said yeah and fact your fugly doesn't help as I speed out. The brightside it was a dead hour and not the weekend . I popped in scores for a 530 pickup. 2 young rich guys pulled a hot blonde stripper out the club and the other guy had a whore working the club followed us to wynn tower (high roller entrance). The guy kept saying how hard he was gonna nail her and I'm sure she was thinking cha ching I'm gonna get all your cash . Leaving the wynn I noticed a tall leggy blonde in a black party dress she had given up on the heels and was caught in a downpour . I did a good did and said hop in she gladly took me up on my offer. She was vert apprecitive and very french . She said her friends had left her. And she didn't know where go I took her to her hotel and went on my way its 630 am now as I post this so hopefully city will wake up

Thursday, October 05, 2006

wed>thur oct 4 > oct 5 th trannie & cripple

> Last night was pretty uneventfull it was a slow night all around and tonight feels like it will be the same as I sit in line at 130 am at my routine 1st stop the palms . What a differnce a day will make for the grand opening of the playboy club is going off this weekend and I know palms will be slammed> > > Ok back to yesterday I had my 1st leave behind . Some guys left there digicam in the whip . So my procedure is to call the yard and let them know if and when they call ill know to meet up with them . That means cutting on meter and driving to where they are. I happend to be departing the airport so it. Was a 15 dollar freeride. And they tipped me 5 not bad for last ride of the day .> > I had 2 seperate rides today from pensacola fla . We discussed joe scarborugh aka joey scars and the devestation in the gulf . Actually there a quite a bit of drivers relocated from nola> > At around 4am I picked up 2 girls from my secret honey spot where there is always a ride with little to no wait . They definately weren't pros I could tell just by the way they carried themselves , they were just your avg college girls . They got in and 1 st thing they said was do we look like whores I said of course not and I wasn't lying . They were pissed they thought they were coming back to guys room to actually have more. Drinks and sneak in the. Pool. They said the guys kept asking how much etc etc they were offended I suggested laugh it off and take it as a twisted compliment .> > Picked up some guys from philly they were headin downtown for some poker action . We talked on how fast vegas was changing and the city better be carefull not to price out the young folks that would rather spend there money at tables and the clubs instead of money on a delux hotel . With the stardust closing next month the amount of budget rooms on strip lessens by one> > Man its dead tonight at least at palms 2 mins in line and I'm still 4 away from pickup I'm in the wrong spot to late to bail now perhaps ill work the strip clubs tonight cause there's no money on the street tonight> Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

Well its getting intresting that 1st ride from the palms was a voluptious. Black pro .my theory is black prostitutes do. Very well in vegas because the avg guy wants to get what they don't get at home and the whole rap video big booty thing doesn't hurt . She asked if she was on taxicab confessions I said no but tell me a crazy story . You've seen recently . She said she saw a trannie blowing a guy in a wheelchair that had no legs . Ill say that memorable !! She then. Said she was hoping for a 10k man I said not likely but I wished her luck . I got out to open the door for her and got a nice view of mommas silk black purse345 amJust picked up a new girl. At Tangerine at TI that's the club that goes off on wednight . Her name is lerts just call her M because I'm gonna become her driver . She is fresh off the plane technically still on vaction and she is doing what a lot of girls that come out do . They go out see the crazy world of nightlife fast money etc they don't want to go back to the farm or the 10 sn hour job in the subburbs . Well she wasn't going back she informrd me she had gotten hired at the newest stripclub Minx. I told her she would make a lot money in this town but she would need to be carefull and watch her drinking . I told her she was definately hot enough to be a cocktail waitress or waitress at any of the nice places if the stripper thing was a little much . She apprecitted the compliments and then said she was going to be sick I rolled down the windows and she hung out the window at the corner of Lv blvd and Sahara . 2 latin guys pull up beside us and start yelling baby your so sexy blah blah let's party etc she's telling them to F off and flipping them off . I tell her ill pay the meter if she can projectile vomit and hit the car or the cheap suit . She didn't but she did get rid of a few shots and a dirty martini . Cars honked and people cheered and she didn't get any on the cab . I gave her my number and and told her I'd love to be her regular driver she said yea its on . I strongly advised her she really has to watch her drinking and keep her edge and she will do well in this town . She's gonna call tomorrow and I'm gonna pick her up after her 1 st day stripping so there should be some good incite there. Nice tip from her I hope this town treats her right.Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

Its a little sleepy right now 6am on the strip the past 2 nights have been slow but hopefully my minx contact will pay dividens and hopefully the weekend will be slammed with the taxi stands WIDE and WAITING. - that means no cabs online and people waiting to get picked up . That is the key from an avg day to a great day . So when you drop at say the Paris and there are no cabs so you drop then pickup I I call that a dropick which means no waiting time at all. That's how to get the cheese. I'm back at my honeyspot and its pretty dead because no conventions or in rown but I'm "on the nut". That means your 1 st in line and you get the 1st to get in line . Looks like I got an airport ride comming.....laterSent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

Monday, October 02, 2006

9-30-06 >> 10-1-06 another weekend done

Wrote:> I was. 1 cab away from picking up lebron James and his 2 boys .I was shocked to see him taking a cab out of the Venetian at 315 this morning I assume he was coming Janet snd jermaine dupree party at Tao but night has been ok gotten some decent tips and saw perhaps one of the finestfemale I have seen since driving I magine a hotter version of Jessica alba . She was wearing a light brown cashmere sweater and that was the dress! So hot ! Best ass ever> > Another good ride 2 hookers calling it a night and going back to the Sahara at 430 which is early for ho s in this town the hotter of the 2 said dhe had a great night and they were off for dinner and sleep . Nice 15 dollar tip and there was a ride waiting and it was a fun ride r Asian American guys and and for lack of a better adjative hot Asian girl I insisted she ride co pilot up front and I'm glad I did she was complaining her skin was so dried out . She reached in her puse and got out her lotion. And started applying to hands and arms and then the legs I nearly ran it off The road . She said I'm sorry. For the girlie smell and I replied it smells lilke heaven and then joked I'm a little dry myself ! She grab my right arm and. And started the rubdown. Nice !!! I gave the guys my best tips for stripclubs and ho's for they were doing a batchelor party on Sunday .> > > As rule older white men coming out of the spearmint rhino don't want to give up any info on where they are from or what they do. But they were staying at the four seasons sd I knew the tip would be on time> > > took a guy from strip to binions for late nite or early morning depending . We discussed single deck blackjack and the meerits of playing tight to make mone in the cash games . He noticed a lot of working girls (I'm tryin to stop calling hos. Some are the nicest and most interesting rides I have ). So he starts quizzing me I knew he was interested but said he was here with wife and kids. But would be back fo a> Gfe (girl friend experience). What a scumbag and a lousy tipper> Sent via blackberry from T-Mobile

a normal dropoff at the Venetian I see a flock of hotties heading for limo 1 stands it out was blonde bombshell playmate and x wife and baby mama of Oscar De La Hoya and Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker her name is Shanna Moekler and she is a super mom . She obviously isn't the easiest to be married too for I cant see how a man could give her up ..Eye mommie

at the Wynn when you pick up its either a rich foreigner or a working girl I picked up a family of Spaniards that smelled lovely great cologne soap or perfume but they didn't tip well for a Wynn guest , another Wynn ride was a German man who was in town for bike convention . I quizzed him and he was talkative , and happy that I allowed him to smoke on the airplane because he was Vegas > Atlanta > Paris > Stuttgart . He owns the company that produces the lightest wheels for cycles . And lance amrstrong won the tour de France on his wheel and it mage his business boom . BC what company is this ??? He claimed that 95% of cyclist dope and the French are just jealous of the Americans . Nice Guy . Another memorable Wynn ride over the weekend was a exotic little working girl who said she just had run in with Wynn security , she began to moan and groan in a bad way almost on verge of crying . I asked if she was ok and she said it was menstrual cramps she took a call from a friend and she said she wanted to catch 1 more date tonight . She hung uo and I told her the destination she wanted (Mandalay Bay ),,, the security was on a rampage and 86 a lot of girls . 86 means kick them out and if they show up there again they are arrested for trespass . Mandalay Bay sucks rooms are overpriced machines are tight and security sucks . For the girls if you don't take care of security either sexually or finacally your are not welcome there . Last week I took 2 wives from NJ back to MGM because they were 86'd from Mandalay when they were actually just tourist . Fuck those guys there plenty of other places to do business . So anyway I told her that and suggested she call it a night take some advil and a hot bath to ease the cramps she agreed and we u turned the strip and headed back to palace station .

the sun is coming up and that means out with the crazy and in with the normal tourist and business man . When sun comes up I head to my honey spot where there is always a ride waiting for a 14 dollar ride and hopefully a 6 dollar tip to airport . First was the stereotypical new York couple . The wife with her Brooklyn accent gabbed the whole way , I found the conversation amusing and felt sorry for the husband LOL , back to the honeyspot and waiting was a couple with bags for the airport . She was a petite girl and she had almost 2 full sleeves of incredible tattoos . The artwork was amazing and there is something sexy to me atleast about a girl with sleeves (tattoo from wrist to shoulder) . If you saw this girl you'd never guess she had them . I was curious about the bluebird tattoo you see alot she said they are actually sparrows , and that they were a traditional tattoo along with the nautical star tattoo. They were from Stockton ca to which I quickly shot back home of pavement and Chris Isaac . They were impressed with my immediate rock knowledge ( actually my random knowledge comes in hand to conversation flow we talked the brilliance of Malkmus and how he went to camp as kid with Chris Isaacs .................................................................................................................................................

IM starting to bore of typing well update later IM going to enjoy my days off

go buy or download the new hold steady album

midnight driver

Friday, September 29, 2006

9-28-06 the worm & aussies and the breakdown

> Thursday was a crazy day . I rocked it I was top earner on my shift . So of course all the old drivers are player hating I've worked 5 days top earner once and twice within 5 bucks of high and once within 1 dollar. I was all over the place . I had celebrity (c list) a heated exchange with ventian security and more great rides with brits> > Night started slow my usual 1 st stop at palms was a short ride to hard rock where I circled back for a pick up at hard rock . They guy I scopped was blotto his friends loaded him in like a sack of potatoes and said he had money and gave me the address it was about 1 mi from my house so I knew it was a long ride I was just worried there wouldn't be enough for tip but to my suprise it was nice
i cant stress enough how cool the British are and how uncool white male Americans are , I had a drunk brit ride from scores to hooters we talked of the office and Ricky Gervais I always crack the brits by singing the praises of ricky gervais using some of the slang words they use " brill ant" and "class" are thrown around as freely as my normal " you know" and "cool" or " nice "
took 2 guys from NC from Orleans to Venetian it was 895 ride and gave me a 10 and said keep the change . I couldn't bite my lip . I scolded them and called them cheap and hoped they loose every dime . What goes around comes around . Now that i receive tips i now know the real value of a tip ill admit 2 weeks ago say when i get my normal take out from pick up stix on 880 bill id give 10 and keep the change . I now give 12 and keep the change and if its the cute blonde i give 14 !!
At around 4 am i see none other than the worm slither out of scores with a hot buxom Italian girl , i scoped up a leggy brunette and her boy fiend shortly after at scores short ride to the Venetian , they talked about Dennis Rodman inside and said he was mostly in VIP . he res the thing at the Venetian they have 2 lanes going in each with a security guard to stop any suspicious or over sized vehicle so i roll up wave and Paul the 70 year old security wave back so i do a slow roll thru the stop sign his partner will just call him Grimace for hes a 300 plus pound black man . Grimace starts yelling whooo hoo hoo so i stoped rolled down my window and sir you waved me thru I have 2 registered guest and you are costing them money by keeping me here with meter on he said something I said whatever and rolled out . I apologized to couple they went on there way and i pulled off to confront the security . I said Paul you wave me thru he claimed he didnt I suggested calling the real security and have them check the tapes . Grimace got lippy and I said dont hate on me cause you have to stand here all night making 10 bucks an hr . He told me to get a real job and I replied I bet my check is bigger than yours he didnt have a reply in meantime several cars and cabs passed thru his stand which he was oblivious too . I said do your job I think you just let Bin laden thru . I told him i was going to report his actions to union and have cabs strike on ventian drops & pics and he wouldnt have a job and would be back at wal mart he got pissed i laughed pulled out a fat knot of cash and pointed and laughed at him . IF THERE ARE ANY CABBIES READING dont drop or pick from Venetian until they get there shit together. For the record I love the Venetian it host the best restaurants IMO down that way , Thomas Kellers Bouchon , Tao & Valentinos , but those minimum wage assholes are testing me .
I had a dicey situation tonight picked up 5 Australian guys appx age 22-25 they were shitfaced and wanted to hit a strip club so i would happily oblige , but the leader of the pack (theres always one and hes usually a major asshole . He was going on and on Americans are fat pieces of shit all you have here is MacDonald's i replied yeah about 60 % of them are and most are stupid as well , look at who we reelected he wouldnt stop . Saying he would kick my ass if i didnt hurry up one of the buddies was trying to get him to chill . he tested my last nerve but the joke was on him I would get a nice kickback from the club plus free dances food etc and i know the girls would leave all 5 of them maxed on there atm and broke . All the best looking dancers come to vegas and they fly in to work and pay alot to owners to work because drunk tourist are like ATMs earler i picked up 2 German brothers who went thru 5000 in a few hrs , so i knew this guys would get milked . But I was so close to hitting the panic button summoning the cops. I could have so easily baited him into punching me , which would have landed him in metro for easily 3 to 5 days for processing buy i laughed it off , and figure its a part of it but had they been going to a casino that asshole would have been in jail . But ill sleep well knowing its friday afternoon and hes already broke !
after strip club deal i took a little time off to dine with and old friend and his girlfriend . I met BC & J at the venezia tower to dine at Thomas Kellers Bouchon. Actually at breakfest the service was a bit spotty for a fine dinning establishment but it was good to catch up though not long enough i handnt seen him in at least 5 or 6 years except maybe a minute or so during a christmas holiday
I cruised out to the rio after breakfast aroun 9 am picked up a nice Canadian who needed to go to airport but stop off at a walgreens to get Aleve ( they dont sell in canada apparently) while he was shopping i was hollering at 2 fugly B hookers . these arent the high doller hotties that work the strip they are relegated to the back roads and side streets giving 20 - 40 handjob/bjs , as well they should one had a decent body but in the face she looked like NBA player Sam Cassel with a wig and the other looked like a bulldog . defiantly minor leagues I asked if this was the spot they worked and it was . Working the walgreens parking lot mom must be proud . so guy gets back in car with a years supply of aleive and we head out for the airport as we turn off Tropicana to main airport rd My car starts to sputter . The bad part about being cab driver its a seniority system and i have no seniority really in comparsion so I get the old crown vics vs the new chryslers or suvs . so it died I called dispatch and have them send another cab and the guy was so class he gave me a 5 spot for a tip even though i told him i didnt deserve it , but i took it . tow guy sprayed something in carb i thing but a car that gets 300 k miles and is driven hard 24 hrs a day isnt dependable............................zzzzzzzzzzzz..........................
getting tired and want to watch the office from last night
updates this weekend will be short cause i expect to be really busy but weekends yield stories for town is full so cab will be full and people will be drunk , plus its hard rocks rehab sunday summer closer blowout /
I also got the camera working so i have pics ( i think i have one of miss Cassel ) i just have to get to B Buy for a new USB cord . Its the digi camera i found at the Tropicana when Gozfadder was here , BTW fadder i got about 26 bucks on ebay for those harley t shirts and quickly pissed it away on a machine reationlizing ( its found money) gozfadder call me this weekend between 130 > 4 vegas time .
and welcome to erock feel free to share with whomever you want and also BC told me i should probably not post the blogs on myspace because that gives them the right to republish or sell . I think Genisis mentioned that before with the djmrtibbs stuff so if anyobe knows whats up add a comment or email me
have a good weekend
midnight driver